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The new lower income tax inda rate regime proposed in spending plan 2020 doesn't give higher tax exemption limit for inhabitant senior excessively senior residents not at all like what is accessible to them in current tax regime.

According to current tax income tax calculator laws, essential income edge absolved from tax for senior and overly senior residents is Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh separately. 

This itself gives them some tax help in current structure. Such alleviation (by means of higher fundamental income taxes exemption limits) isn't accommodated in new regime which treats all people (non-senior residents and senior residents) similarly. You know about no income tax states.

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New IT Rule for Financial Year 2020-21

- Excerpt of Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

 Finance Minister announces new income tax structure

 - No income tax on income up to 5 lakhs

 - From 5 lakh to 7.5 lakh IT willbe levied at 10 percent.  Reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent
 - Income from 7.5 lakh to 10 lakh will be charged 15% IT

 -  tax of 20% will be levied on income of 10 lakh to 12.5 lakh.  This was 30 percent before
 - There will be  25% tax on income of Rs 12.5 lakh to 15 lakh
 - Above 15 lakhs, 30% tax as before

 - 100% dividend tax will be allowed on investment in Infra

 - Big announcement for start up: Turnover limit of Rs 25 crore has been increased to Rs 100 crore
 - Affordable Housing Scheme applicable till 1 year 2021

 - Changes in income tax slabs, but no change in income tax exemption limit

 - International Boolean Exchange will open in Gujarat's Gift City
 - The government has accepted the recommendation of 15th Financial Commission
 - The government proposes to sell its share capital in LIC through IPO

 - Total expenditure in 2019-20 is Rs 26.99 lakh crore
 - Fiscal deficit is expected to be 3.8 percent of GDP this year, with target of 3.5 percent for next year.

 - According to current trends, nominal GDP growth is expected to be 10% in 2020-21
 - Next year, government will borrow Rs 5.36 lakh crore from the market.  Most of it will be for capital expenditure

 - Government will sell  large portion of LIC

 Big announcement of sitarman
 - Insurance deposit has been increased from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for depositing money in banks.  That is, if the bank is submerged, the government will repay your deposit up to Rs 5 lakh.

 The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority of India Act will be amended.  Under it, the NPS trust of government employees will be separated from It will empower employees of the government to make pension trust.

 Finance Minister's announcement for taxpayers

 - Taxpayers Charter will be institutionalized.  This will be part of our law.  We at Taxpayers are confident that there will be no harassment.  We will not tolerate it.  If anything like this happens, criminal case will follow.

 - Recruitment through National Recruitment Agency Computer Based Online Examination.  Each district would have center for it.

 India will host the G-20 presidency in 2022
 People's money is completely safe in banks
 Allocation of Rs 30757 crore for Jammu and Kashmir  Rs 59589 crore for Ladakh

 The five gems mentioned by Tiruvallur are those that Modi has completed.  Health, Remedies, Security-several remedies for farmers: Sitaraman


Seniors need to ascertain whether they would pay less tax in current or new regime remembering this component calculate income taxes

Senior Citizen income particularsTax payable in Old RegimeTax payable in new Regime
Gross taxable income (Pension, Other sources etc)7,50,0007,50,000
Total exemptions and deductions(1,12,500)Not available
Net taxable Income6,37,5007,50,000
Income TX (Rebate under sec 87A is nil)37,50037,500
Cess @ 4%1,5001,500
Total tax plus Cess39,00039,000
Source: EY

Senior citizen income particularsTax payable in Old RegimeTax payable in new Regime
Gross taxable income (Pension, Other sources etc)10,00,00010,00,000
Total exemptions and deductions(1,75,000)-
Net taxable Income8,25,00010,00,000
Income TX (Rebate under sec 87 A is nil)75,00075,000
Cess @ 4%3,0003,000
Total tax plus Cess78,00078,000
Source: EY

Senior with Rs 10 lakh income will equal the initial investment in event that he/she guarantees a total of Rs 1.75 lakh in findings/exemptions. In event that total derivations/exemptions asserted are underneath this (Rs 1.75 lakh) at that point the new tax regime would prompt lower tax payable, if total reasonings/exemption guaranteed are higher than this (Rs 1.75 lakh) at that point current tax regime would mean  lower tax pay-out for him/her. 

Calculation income tax.

Also, seniors with total calculate income tax india at Rs 12.5 lakh, Rs 15 lakh and Rs 20 lakh will equal initial investment at total derivation/exemption levels of Rs 2 lakh, Rs 2,41,667 lakh,Rs 2,41,667 lakh separately. New tax regime doesn't offer extra tax investment funds past income level of Rs 15 lakh for example total conclusion/exemption should have been professed to make back the initial investment in both tax regimes continues as before after income level of Rs 15 lakh for example Rs 2,41,667. So if a senior's income is Rs 15 lakh or more calculate the income tax.

Gross income level per annum for a senior citizen (All figs in Rs)Total Deductions/exemptions*Tax payable in Existing RegimeTax payable in new Regime
At 7.5 lakhs1,12,50039,00039,000
At 10 lakhs1,75,00078,00078,000
At 12.5 lakhs2,00,0001,30,0001,30,000
At 15 lakhs2,41,6671,95,0001,95,000
At 20 lakhs2,41,6673,51,0003,51,000
Source: EY
*Total conclusions and exemptions that should be asserted in old tax regime for tax payable to be equivalent in both old and new regime. 

Indian income tax india

For above estimations, we expect that structure of person's gross income permits him/her to guarantee the level of findings/exemptions accepted. For instance, on the off chance that person's income contains benefits and income from different sources, at that point he/she will have the option to guarantee standard derivation of most extreme Rs 50,000 and findings up to Rs 1.5 lakh un.

senior citizen will be as follows:
Gross income level per annum for a super senior citizen (All figs in Rs)Total Deductions/exemptions*Tax payable in Existing RegimeTax payable in new Regime
At 7.5 lakhs62,50039,00039,000
At 10 lakhs1,25,00078,00078,000
At 12.5 lakhs1,66,6661,30,0001,30,000
At 15 lakhs2,08,3321,95,0001,95,000
At 20 lakhs2,08,3323,51,0003,51,000
*Total deductions and exemptions that need to be claimed in old tax regime for tax payable to be same in both old and new regime.

An annual assessment is duty forced on people or elements (citizens) that fluctuates with separate pay or benefits (assessable salary). Annual expense by large is registered as result of an assessment rate times assessable salary. Tax assessment rates may shift by type or qualities of citizen. 

Duty rate may increment as assessable salary expands (alluded to as graduated or dynamic rates). Duty forced on organizations is typically known as corporate expense and is imposed at level rate. Notwithstanding, people are saddled at different rates as per the band wherein they fall. Further,association firms are additionally burdened at level rate. 

Most wards excluded privately composed magnanimous associations from charge. Capital increases might be exhausted at unexpected rates in comparison to other salary. Credits of different sorts might be permitted that diminish charge. few purview force the higher of an annual assessment or duty on an elective base or proportion of pay. 

Assessable pay of citizens inhabitant in the ward is commonly all out pay less pay delivering costs and different conclusions. For most part, just net addition from offer of property, including merchandise held available to be purchased, is remembered for money. Salary of partnership's investors for most part incorporates dissemination of benefits from enterprise. 

Derivations regularly merge all salary delivering or operational cost including a stipend for recuperation of expenses of business resources. Numerous purview permit notional derivations for people, may permit reasoning of some close to home costs. Most locales either don't charge pay earned outside the purview or permit credit for charges paid to different wards on such pay. Out-of-state people are saddled uniquely on specific kinds of pay from sources inside the locales, with not many exemptions. 


Most locales require self-evaluation of the expense and require payers of certain sorts of salary to retain charge from those installments. Advance installments of duty by citizens might be required. Citizens not opportune paying expense owed are commonly dependent upon huge punishments, which may incorporate prison for people or repudiation of substance's legitimate presence.

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