Bhashadip Second week solution STANDARD 7


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BHASHADIP PROGRAM GCERT Gandhinagar and Gujarat Primary Education Department have launched a language-based campaign for the purpose of enriching the children's reading as well as providing meaningful reading.  BHASHADIP Children become aware of Gujarati language, understand Gujarati language well and learn Gujarati language well and BHASHADIP is a language module designed for the purpose of becoming aware of the language. 

Within this BHASHADIP module the Gujarati language and other topics are covered and activities are given on which the knowledge of Gujarati language is enhanced within the children.  For the purpose of learning words and getting acquainted with new sentences, Gujarat Primary Education Department, Gandhinagar and ours  Director Joshi is the new event organized by our Lord and Rao SIR

Within the BHASHADIP Module, there are 3 different activities related to the week.  Within which is given a set of eight to nine activities within a week.  These activities are to be done in different ways, including individually activities for children, group activities, and activities for grouping children into a total of three types of activities that are written in the BHASHADIP module. Weekly activities provided within the BHASHADIP module. 

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Bhashadip SECOND week solution STANDARD 7
Activities for children to do on their own, as well as in groups  Thio solution as well as the BHASHADIP activities to be individually placed here by me.  Based on the answer given here, you can decide how best to do the activities provided within the module, and you can better present the answer here to the class and make the children familiar with new words and new sentences as well as new activities OF BHASHADIP.



 My goal is to provide a BHASHADIP weekly solution to lecture activities so that teacher friends and children can use the answers given here.  It generates new answers on its own as well as if there are any problems, their solutions can be solved based on the solution given here.  Here is a solution to BHASHADIP activities based on my overall understanding.  These can be changed and there are verbal and personal responses to the children and welcome.

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