Sunday, August 18, 2019

411 teachers in the state unforeseen absent

Salute welcome to my blog today, I have been taken to today, because of the one who is the only one who suffers from the state of the state, in the state of the state,

the information from how many teachers adjust the work of different work, the information, how many teachers do not adjust the work of the information, the information has been extended from the information above, in the state of 400 more teachers within the state,

The information of the government was unregistrousally in such a non-officially educated teachers, the state government was collected by the education of the state government, the same time in such a non-officially especially the teachers have been taken by the Rajesh Education and Primary Education Department,

the state has been taken by the actual, which is actually said that the suchness is that the actuality will be taken to the actual education. It is such a sad feeling that such teachers are within our education department, which, because other teachers also get straight on the stigma of such stories,

teachers also get straight on the stigma of such teachers, such teachers are also my humble request that any of you can leave the job or either systematically gives jobs or organized their jobs in Jude History.

411 teachers in the state unforeseen absent

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