Samarth 2 Related Question Answer

Samarth 2 Related Question Answer

Requests of teachers we are extending the date of completion. The last date is 10/01/2020

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  • Samarth2 Foto Upload thato nathi ?

  • Mobile Number bandh thai gyo chhe ?

  • Mahila karmchari Prasuti Raja par chhe ?

  • Certy ma nam ni jagya e ???????? aave chhe ?

Badha prashno na javab aa video ma
koi prashn hoy to mail karo.

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Samarth 2 online project submission for teachers training Samarth online teachers training project submission : has reached the final stage of the program. How to submit project in samarth 2 online teachers training ?.

we want your classroom processes to be simplified based on the experience and reflection activities gained in this program, and to adopt these new already learned things and methods, and to help students in their educational work. as you all know, the goal of this program is "helping students learn, through you" and through this "Samarth  project module" you will start implementing it.


Samarth 2 Talim Project Models Here are the ideal templates for a supported  Samarth 2 project created by me for the purpose of preparing your project, depending on which template you choose from the ideal templates for ready-made project preparation.  I hope the templates of this Samarth2  project will be very helpful to you and you will find your work much @Easytechmaster

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