Sunday, July 14, 2019



Hello friends. The one thing I'm going to talk about here is the salary pay job.  Friends, in recent years, the salary of the Government has been announced by the Government of India.

This is something that has been announced by the government to announce the number of people who have completed five years of fixed jobs.  But by the end of the month of June, a

new circular has been announced by the Finance Department, which will surprise you knowing that the benefits of this job are not available to people of certain categories.  It seems like the government has been with us double standards.  G

one to one and not giving one which satisfies the spread of protest and their work is done, the government seems to be working with such intentions.  Here below, I am copying a resolution of the month of June, which is written within 21 stipends that this benefit is available to the recruits under 21, and the rest of the employees will not be benefited anymore.

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  1. Madhyamik vibhag ma 2006 pachi ni bharti vala karmchario ne ucchatar pagar dhoran malva patra che ke kem?


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